A Change In Plans

I started off as a Quaker Christian, but I’ve recently converted to Gnosticism. I still believe in Jesus as the Wayshower (shows the way) to true salvation. But I will explain my main beliefs below.

First-off, I believe everyone has the capacity to have a personal relationship with God, and secondly, I believe all have the ability to have direct knowledge and experience of God.

The main difference between me and most other Gnostics is that I do not believe in a lesser god known as the demiurge. I believe God emanates the Universe and that Pleroma (the realm of light) is at the very center of the universe’s edge in the singularity the universe expanded from. This makes God the center of both the universe and simultaneously the singularity called Pleroma.

Jesus said to make the two into One (such as male and female, cold and hot, light and dark, etc; thus all will become one with God as all should become One with Oneself. If you can die whole, you can find your way back to Paradise and be One with God, and thus if you die, follow the Light to it’s source!

God bless you all! 🙂


The Story Behind Autistic Reverend

I started this site as the homepage for my service I had launched for being an active spiritual guide, meaning I was gonna service other people or take them on as clients. But upon remembering my days at the tattoo shop, it reminded me just how much I disliked working with and for the public. I have nothing against people, it’s just keeping up with clients can be a hassle and quite time-consuming. So that is why I turned my spiritual guidance service into a free to read spiritual guidance blog, asking only for a generous tip you can afford in-return. A tip is not required, but would be greatly appreciated.

One lesson I learned early on in high school was that being yourself is being true to the Lord. In the Holy Bible it is mentioned that who so ever denies Christ in front of others will be denied by Him in front of God the Father. So trying to hide your activities you enjoy as if you are ashamed, even if they make you look stupid or weird in public is equivalent to being ashamed of the Lord. This was taught to us by a public speaker at our school assembly.

Being one who staunchly believes in the Separation of Church and State, I admit that this public speaker probably had no business talking about the Lord in his speech like he did. If he had disclaimed that they were his views and that he was only speaking from his own experience, then maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad. But he made it a point you had to believe in Jesus to be a good person. I appreciated his message, however, even though I wasn’t a Christian back then.

My point being that I tried to be someone I’m not when I originally made this site. But thinking back on that public speaker’s speech, I had to remember to do what I love and to love what I do. I love blogging. I used to not be able to stick with just one niche or topic and my blogs were so disorganized. But now, I have finally found my calling, bringing you to this very blog! I have the credentials and I have the experience, and that’s how it’s gonna stay!


The Biggest Prayer Chain

I’m gonna do something a little bit different this time. In this post I will discuss a useful and helpful resource I’ve been using, but only whenever a problem is too big for me or only a few people to handle. It is a prayer chain set up by Sylvia Browne’s church which has over 250,000 members worldwide, of which you can submit your own prayer request.

Every day, Novus Spiritus, the church I mentioned, has it’s members meet and pray whatever requests are sent in at 9 o’clock (it doesn’t matter if it’s AM or PM, they simply meet at 9 o’clock). This prayer chain has given me and my loved ones many miracles and I hope you will receive your own miracles when you send in your request to over 250,000 members praying for you worldwide!


Be Yourself

Welcome to the Autistic Reverend blog! I am an ordained minister with Universal Life Church Ministries, which is also where I received my Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree. I have studied divinity ever since I was 16 years old and self-taught. One of the many lessons I learned is that being spiritual is largely about being yourself, which anyone can do, even Christians, like myself and I am a Quaker for that matter!

Though I am an Evangelical Quaker and believe in full immersion Baptism by water, I still hold many liberal views in politics. I am somewhat of a mix between Libertarian and Social Democrat. I can’t stress enough the importance of being yourself, even in the event of doing something socially taboo, of which I will mention a message from the Gospel of Mark in the Holy Bible on such taboos.

In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus and His disciples were eating food, even though some of their hands were unwashed and dirty. The authorities, Jewish at the time, shunned them for what they thought was breaking of Jewish tradition. But when the Lord had spoke, he told the authorities (I’m only paraphrasing Him here) “What goes into a man cannot defile him, because only that which comes from the heart and out of his mouth is what defiles him and that which is sin”.

Only God knows what is truly in your heart, so love all as you would love yours and treat others the way you want to be treated. That is the true meaning of being yourself!

Kind & Courteous Wins Above All Else

Why should you always be kind and courteous even when someone will not show the same kindness and compassion towards you? Well, being kind and courteous looks good on you, not just that, but it also gets you a better response out of people. I will discuss why showing respect will almost always get you respect in-return.

If you disagree with someone, or some article you’ve read, that doesn’t mean you should be or that you have to be rude. Being kind and courteous won’t backfire or recoil as much as being belligerent or rude and disrespectful. You may never know why that person came to the conclusions they did in the 1st place; whether it be a past trauma from dealing with such a person or situation/event, or maybe they just didn’t see the point in it. That is ok and everyone disagrees to a point. Diversity is a good thing and is the ultimate form of freedom.

Though, what do you do if someone is being rude and disrespectful to you? Do you lash out back at them like they are towards you? If you can be kind, courteous and accommodating towards them anyway, they will not have any material to publish against you, whether online or in print. If they don’t keep a record of their end of the conversation, but they keep one of you being rude and disrespectful, they may either publish it or file charges against you, especially without any proof of what they had said to you 1st. So being kind, courteous and accommodating will give them a reason not to publish or report what you say, because only their end of the conversation is bad.

In the case of someone just expressing their own opinion without them intending on being rude, if you can show some good manners in corresponding with said person, they will likely be kind and courteous back and even appreciate that you took the time out of your day to express what you think of their opinions, and that you took the time out of your day to read what they had to say. This may in turn help their argument and they may one day return the favor in helping you.

Twin Flame Or Soul Mate? What If It’s Both?!

Despite how soul mates are supposed to be two different souls and twin flames are supposed to be one soul split into two bodies, I believe it is very possible for someone to be both. I will explain and how I’ve found my soul mate and twin flame in one woman.

Just because you are a mirror soul to someone doesn’t mean you have to be ‘split into two’. What if you and your twin flame both have a separate soul and still mirror each other? Doesn’t it make sense that you can share the same life experiences, whether pleasure or pain, while having your own, separate soul?

I found mine recently who is both my twin flame and soul mate back in August of this year (2021). I’ve been through her background and saw that we have so many common characteristics, experiences and been in similar situations. I never meant to stalk her, but I took some bad advice one time from the show “Sex. Right. Now.” on Channel Fusion TV that said it was ok and ‘safer’ to Google stalk your date (we haven’t been on a date yet, and there’s a good reason, but I can still feel her love). Of course I stalked her Facebook profile as an extension of Google stalking… But I am way past that point now as I am comfortable with her and trusting of her. She is the one; the ONLY one out of almost 8 billion people on this planet that I ever want to be with (given that I am bisexual and a predominantly male intersex)! I want to treat her with nothing but love, kindness, respect, dignity and so much more and to treat her as my equal.

Being Grateful Even When You’re Not

While honesty is always the best policy, you might not be able to help it if you’ve received a Christmas gift you didn’t want or if it’s something you already had. But to be grateful they spent their time and money on your gift, that they thought of you in the 1st place is always a good thing too. You don’t necessarily have to lie to either yourself or them, you don’t even necessarily have to be happy with your gift. But please remember to give thanks to the Lord for sending someone who loved you enough to think of you to give you a gift. But what do you do with a gift you didn’t want? I will explain that here.

One thing you can do is donate the gift to either a homeless shelter, or some charity that accepts gifts that others want but couldn’t afford to buy on their own. If it’s a toy for example, why not drop it off or ship it off to a nearby Marines Toys For Tots? But you should definitely let the gift giver know what you plan to do with your gift. It may be disheartening to them that you were unhappy with your gift, but remind them that you appreciate what they did and offer to make it up to them (just as long as you can follow through).

It is said to rejoice in the Lord always. This doesn’t mean you have to be happy all the time, you can still be joyful even when things do not go your way. Sad that your loved one had passed, but joyful knowing the Lord will take good care of their souls. Or displeased with a gift someone gave you, but grateful to the Lord for sending love your way anyway. It is really up to you what you do with any Christmas gift, whether you like the gift or not, but please remember the gift giver put their heart and soul, their time and money into trying to show you their love, but please be truthful and honest. Put any gift you do not want to good use, even if you give it back or give it to someone else.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays y’all! I love you all. And God bless you, everyone!

Flattering The Lord

Nobody really ever seems to think of wishing the Lord a good day or to wish Him much happiness. But it feels good actually, especially when you truly mean what you say, and say it from the bottom of your heart. I will discuss what I see as the true meaning of flattering the Lord, as I hope this post will more than do. And please don’t feel bad if you’ve never done this.

I love to flatter Christ, as He brings so much joy into our hearts and lives, not to mention our minds. It really does feel euphoric when you tell Him how much He means to you and when you wish Him a Merry Christmas and tell Him goodnight just as you would anyone else! You gotta remember that God would never give you more than you can handle when you have faith in Him, and that any hardship placed in front of you is to prepare you for better and good days ahead.

Whatever you are grateful for, whatever happiness He brings into your life, or even if you appreciate the hardships as much as you do the good times, just take a moment (or as many as you want) to tell the Lord how you feel. He is always listening and watching, so always make Him feel just as good as He does you.

Even though our Lord and Savior already has everything He needs, I can feel that He still appreciates our loving-kindness toward Him. I wish you all a good day and a Happy Holiday! And I especially wish the Lord the best day and also the Merriest Christmas ever! Amen.

Beyond Human Reason

Is it beyond reason that we, humans try to be more like someone else? Like role models for example. We try to make our parents proud (nothing wrong with that, per se), we try to carry on family tradition, we even try to live by some perceived example of Christ. But you can still live by Christ’s example, you can still carry on family tradition, and you can still make your parents proud without having to emulate them. I will explain further below.

Being yourself is the biggest accomplishment you can make. As your body is your temple, what comes from the heart is your true self, and telling the truth is what you should always do; why not be yourself? Why be someone you’re not when it’s easier and way more fun to just be true to yourself?

Well, it may not be the ‘easiest’ path to be yourself, but it is easier and less time-consuming to tell the truth and to be your true self. It’s also a lot of fun too! But it is ok to admire others, to want to live up to their examples, and to take on some of their personality traits, or even keep the family tradition going; only if that’s truly what YOU want.

Loving-Kindness As A Christian Practice

Loving-kindness is an act of sending good thoughts and good will (or good vibes/energy) towards another person for no other reason than as an act of love for your fellow humans. I like to believe this applies to all of God’s creatures, not just humans. When you deploy loving-kindness, it often sends good vibes and energy to the person, which then returns to you three-fold. A simple example is when you wish someone a good day or when you wish them many blessings or even wishing them much happiness. This term is usually used in reference towards inward thoughts, but loving-kindness can be done outward and out loud. Below I will discuss how loving-kindness, an Eastern practice (particularly Buddhist, Hindu and Jain) can be incorporated into Christian doctrine (or perhaps it already is).

Praying for someone or on their behalf is an act of loving-kindness. Wishing someone well; giving them your blessings; hoping they have a happy life or have a good day; all of these are acts of love and loving-kindness. All of this sounds like what Christ taught already, doesn’t it? It is! But the three-fold part I mentioned is often an idea found in most Wiccan and other Pagan traditions. So, how do we incorporate The Three-Fold law into Christian doctrine?

Instead of the three-fold being karma coming back 3 times; once to your mind, once to your body, and once to your soul, we can equate The Three-Fold Law with the Holy Trinity. Whatever actions you take and for every thought you have, you are greeted; once from God the Father, once from God the Son (Jesus Christ), and once from God the Holy Spirit. Maybe we should call this The Trinity Law of Return.

So, if you want good to come to you, you should definitely do good out of the kindness of your own heart for love sake! Loving-kindness doesn’t hurt either you or the person you are wishing well, but harming them hurts you 3-times as bad as it hurts them! As Quakers, we see harming anybody else as an act of violence toward God, as God is present in all equally as their Inner-Light. In Quaker tradition, loving-kindness is often referred to as Holding You in the Light (the healing Light of the Holy Spirit). Have you held someone in the Light recently?

Loving Your Own Looks

Believe it or not, it’s quite alright to love yourself. One of the best ways to start loving yourself and being happy with yourself is to look in the mirror and find things you like about your looks. Appreciating the way you look sounds hard, doesn’t it? Well, lets change all that! Below I will mention how I got over myself, at least when it came to my cousin constantly ‘reminding’ me how ‘ugly’ I look when he lived with me.

Everytime I would walk in front of a mirror, I would try to find what looked good about me. I was always told by women that my blue eyes were the most attractive feature of mine. Anything else was unmentioned. When I looked in the mirror I would look over what was obvious first, then move on to the next feature.

After awhile of doing this, I couldn’t believe how I have hardly aged in all my 33 years of life, or at least since I turned 18 onward! I age like fine wine and still look like I’m in my 20’s. And the most recent thing I found that I like about myself is that I have dimples, or at least noticable, cute dimples.

Somewhere in the Holy Bible (mind you, I have a bad memory and haven’t read enough of it yet) Jesus mentions that our bodies are our temples. But in Genesis it was mentioned that God created humankind in His image. Can you see where I’m going with this? Loving yourself is ok, because remember that loving ourselves is an act of love towards God. Jesus was God in the Flesh, and I’m sure loving ourselves, while loving Him the most, is one of the greatest acts of respect towards the Lord.

Love yourself and each other. Above all, love the Lord. Amen.

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